• Bunker supply : IFO CST 120, MGO,high Quality specifications (international standards ).
  • Bagging service, We are agents of Portserv International LTD  
    Canada (
  • Door to door service we are able to do customs clearance and trucking to every where through sub agents.
  • LCL shipments discharged, stored and empty containers will be returned to ship within a couple of hours.
  • Loaded refrigerated containers can be delivered  at the consignee's warehouse and empty containers returned to the ship with a couple of hours.
    N.B this depends on the consignee and the customs approval.
  • Container Tracking.

  • Tally services capable of carrying out the tallying task and grant précised accurate figures in order to protect your rights.
  • Road transportations can be arranged for shipment designated away from Benghazi
    Containers repair availability.
  • Miner ship's repair & standard tech;

    All miner ship problems will be dealt with by a team of marine competent engineers gaining collective experience for main and aux engines repairs ,maintenance, solving electrical, communications, and cargo gear problems, under strict supervision of approved classification representatives.
  • Any kind of inspections or surveys carried out by approved personals.
    a wide area at the stacking yard, is prepared for container repair workshop which deals with damaged containers where the cost would be deducted from receivers deposit, and all repairs to be supervised by an approved inspectors.

miscellaneous services

  • Provisions and Fresh water supplies can be arranged also at very competitive price.

  • Medical Attendance available including hospitalization, private clinics available around the clock.

  • Repatriations - all facilities available for crew changes and repatriations.

  • We can arrange sight seen tours for Ship crew (free of charge).

  • Laundry services.


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